to the new appointment system of Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research (GCCHR) developed for special circumstances of Corona threat.

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The pandemic of Covid-19 has rendered the year 2020 disastrous and has brought to the world to its knees like never before. In this advanced technological age, even the most developed nations have seen great suffering and loss of life.

To cope with this new threat, the need of the hour is a revolution in our food habits, social mannerisms, communication, work environment, basically everything in our core lifestyle. We now must give highest regard to safety of ourselves and of others. However, these changes are not enough at personal level. We will succeed only if we change as a community.

Times have changed and so have we. This is why, to evolve amidst this new threat while still providing health services, we have made ground level modifications in the way we operate, communicate, give appointments, provide consultation, seating area of waiting halls, setup of doctor’s chambers and so forth. Even we don’t know if these changes will be temporary or permanent but only time will tell.

Those who are genuinely concerned for safety will admire these measures. Those who disregard safety and think they are invincible to virus will mock, frown, and quarrel. But as is popularly said, SAFETY FIRST.

Let us all pledge to change ourselves and to maintain hygiene, sanitisation and social distancing.

One specific alteration in our usual procedure that concerns you right now is that consultation is now after prepaid, pre-scheduled appointment. We certainly have tried our best to provide some flexibility but to the point where it doesn’t threaten anyone’s safety and allows us to function smoothly.

It is also worth mentioning right now that there are no modifications in any fee structure or medicine costs whatsoever.

We have only 3 sincere requests to you:

  • Adhere to our safety measures
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Be very punctual and avoid 11th hour arrival at our centre.


To better organise consultation and social distancing, the working hours have been divided into 4 slots of 1 hour each. You will get to choose a time slot later.

Slot 1

🕛 12:00


🕐 01:00

Slot 2

🕐 01:00


🕑 02:00

Slot 3

🕑 02:00


🕒 03:00

Slot 4

🕒 03:00


🕓 04:00


All patients must arrive with prior appointment only, on their scheduled date in the chosen time slot and we have to be VERY STRICT about it.

Those who arrive on the spot will not be permitted into clinic premises. Although we have made arrangements outside the building to provide brief consultation and medicine. But prescheduled patients will be given priority.



all requirements are must to gain entry into clinic

Prior appointment

Face mask

Aarogya setu app which shows


No attendants allowed (unless permitted by physician)

Patient/attendant with sneezing, cough, fever will not be allowed

No spitting, gargle, pan masala, pan, tobacco within clinic


extra precautions you may take for added safety

Get personal sanitiser

Send reports in digital form through Whatsapp, email or upload in request form (provided later)

Avoid carrying unnecessary bags and carry-ons. They become potential carriers on infection.

Try to visit alone

Avoid visiting with children (below 10 years) and elderly (above 60 years) unless they are the patient.

Avoid cash/card payment (for your own safety)

Wear rubber slippers which are washable unlike shoes.h/card payment

Eviction from clinic premises

Anyone found SPITTING, GARGLING, CHEWING PAN, MAN MASALA, TOBACCO or VIOLATING ANY SAFETY MEASURES will be strictly evicted from clinic premises immediately.

Request for appointment

Apply in 2 simple steps


Check availability


Fill form

New case*

₹ 800

includes registration, consultation, in-depth case taking followed by prescription by Dr. Girish Gupta.

This fee is refundable if WE decide not to treat your case.

The policy is straightforward, if we don’t treat, we don’t charge.

Check availability

Follow up*

₹ 80

for consulting physician (compulsory)

₹ 300

optional, for Dr. Girish Gupta, Chief Consultant Physician, in addition to ₹ 80 (referral up to consulting physician)

Check availability

*Please do not make any payment right now

Final step

Additional information

Payment options

Please take a screenshot after making payment. We will need it to identify your transaction.

Avoid cash or cards

  • Paytm: 9005120111
  • Google Pay: 9005120111
  • UPI: girishguptadr@upi (or using account number and IFSC given below)
  • IMPS (instant transfer) / NEFT (delayed transfer):
    • HDFC Bank
    • Name: Dr Girish Gupta
    • Account number: 59209415109748
    • IFSC: HDFC0000078
    • Type: Current account
    • Branch: Hazratganj, Lucknow

Help and support

We’re here to help in any doubts, queries. Feel free to contact us at:

WhatsApp: +91 73185 20111

Email: girishguptadr@gmail.com