Benign lesions of Cervix

Nabothian Cyst and Cervical Polyp are the two most common benign lesions of cervix.

A Nabothian Cyst is a mucus filled cyst and appears as a firm bump on the surface of cervix. A Cervical Polyp is common benign polyp arising within or on the surface of endocervical canal. They are sessile or pedunculated spherical lesions up to 3 cm in diameter. The cause of cervical polyp is uncertain but may be due to hyperestrinism. They are most common in premenopausal women. Both can be detected by ultrasonography, speculum examination and hysteroscopy. The cervical lesion can be treated successfully with homoeopathic medicines.

A short clinical study conducted at GCCHR on both have yielded good results as follows:

Total cases of Nabothian cyst – 18

CuredImprovedStatus QuoNot Improving
(till 13 Jun 2016)

Total cases of Cervical polyp – 5

CuredImprovedStatus QuoNot Improving
(till 13 Jun 2016)