Benign lesions of Cervix

Nabothian cyst and cervical polyp are the two most common benign lesions of cervix.

A Nabothian cyst is a mucus filled cyst and appears as a firm bump on the surface of cervix. A woman may notice the cyst when inserting a diaphragm or during routine pelvic examination.

A cervical polyp is common benign polyp arising within or on the surface of endocervical canal. They are sessile or pedunculated spherical lesions upto 3 cm in diameter. The cause of cervical polyp is uncertain but may be due to hyper-estrinism. They are most common in premenopausal women.

It can be detected by speculum examination, hysteroscopy and ultra-sonography.

The cervical lesion can be treated successfully with homoeopathic medicines.

A short clinical study conducted at GCCHR on both have yielded good results as follows:

Total numbers of cases of Nabothian cyst –18

Cured Improved Status Quo Not Improving
12 1 5 0
66.67% 5.55% 27.78% 0%

Total numbers of cases of Cervical polyp –5

Cured Improved Status Quo Not Improving
5 0 0 0
100% 0% 0% 0%