Psoriasis is an auto-immune, non-contagious, inflammatory disease of skin characterised by well-defined erythematous plaques with silvery scales. The exact cause is unknown. It is difficult to cure and has a tendency to recur. It could be caused due to various psychological factors like Prolonged stress, anxiety ­­– (due to loss of property, discord in relation and court litigations etc.) Grief – (due to death of loved ones, disappointment in love & loss of ambition) & prolonged suppression of anger and emotions etc.

Application of ointment (Steroidal / Non-steroidal) and lotions gives temporary relief but causes suppression of symptoms, hence should be avoided. It can however be cured by Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic drugs are prescribed taking into consideration causation, mental and physical symptoms of the person on holistic basis.


A clinical study conducted at GCCHR have shown encouraging results as follows:

Total No. of cases of Psoriasis – 270

(Till 30th April 2016)

Status No. of cases Percentage
Best Improving 77 28.51%
Improving 121 44.81%
Status Quo 26 9.62%
Not Improving 46 17.03%