Dr. Gupta’s approach to the treatment is entirely different. He kept on using his scientific brain in treating patients and never stopped studying Homoeopathy with research orientation. Giving permanent cure requires study of the personality of the individual for which each patient is individualized considering the mental, physical and disease proper symptoms for selecting the remedy.


Over the years, GCCHR has been successfully conducting research on various projects on different diseases and have obtained high cure rates for several ailments. These research projects help in confirming the response of the Homoeopathic drugs in the treatment of difficult to cure diseases.

  1. Clinical Research–

    Various clinical research projects are being carried out like:–

    Gall Bladder stones, Fungal infection of Skin, Hair, Nail and Oral mucosa, Benign hypertrophy of Prostate, Kidney stones, Chronic Renal Failure, Uterine Fibroids/Ovarian Cysts, Allergic rhinitis, Liver diseases, Tumors, Cerebro–Vascular accidents, Arthritis (Rheumatoid, Rheumatic and Gout), Fibroadenoma of breast, Gastro–Intestinal disorders, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Migraine, Warts, Blood Dyscrasias and Cancer etc.

  2. Experimental Research–

    In–vitro screening of Homoeopathic drugs against several pathogenic fungi like Candida albicans, Trichophyton, Aspergillus and Microsporum etc.


GCCHR is publishing the results of various research projects in the form of brochures, Newsletter and in Journals of India and abroad.

  1. Brochures–

    Several brochures have been released in Hindi on different difficult to cure diseases.

  2. Jigyasa–

    This is a magazine launched by GCCHR in 1996 to create awareness in the public and to update the physicians about different aspects of the research and various achievements of the Centre.


GCCHR is imparting clinical training to fresh homoeopathic graduates to have practical experience and thorough comprehension of finer points of clinical practice under the expertise of Dr. Girish Gupta. The recipients of training at GCCHR are spreading the light of Homoeopathic system in their respective cities. For training, fresh Homoeopathic graduates (BHMS) should submit their resume to the Chief Consultant.