Warts are small, usually multiple, firm, irregular, rough cauliflower like growth anywhere on skin, resulting from hypertrophy of skin papillae caused by Human Papilloma Virus. It may be flat, pedunculated or sessile. lesions. Merely removal of warts by surgery and cauterization is not the curative approach of treatment. The recurrence is quite common. Homoeopathic treatment with constitutional medicine annihilate the lesion without leaving any footprint of disease and chances of recurrence are nil or minimal.


Psoriasis is an auto-immune, non-contagious, inflammatory disease of skin characterised by well-defined erythematous plaques with silvery scales. The exact cause is unknown. It is difficult to cure and has a tendency to recur. It could be caused due to various psychological factors like Prolonged stress, anxiety ­­– (due to loss of property, discord in relation and court litigations etc.) Grief – (due to death of loved ones, disappointment in love & loss of ambition) & prolonged suppression of anger and emotions etc.

Application of ointment (Steroidal / Non-steroidal) and lotions gives temporary relief but causes suppression of symptoms, hence should be avoided. It can however be cured by Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic drugs are prescribed taking into consideration causation, mental and physical symptoms of the person on holistic basis.


A clinical study conducted at GCCHR have shown encouraging results as follows:

Total No. of cases of Psoriasis – 270

(Till 30th April 2016)

Status No. of cases Percentage
Best Improving 77 28.51%
Improving 121 44.81%
Status Quo 26 9.62%
Not Improving 46 17.03%


Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is noninfectious, noncontagious autoimmune disease characterized by purple colored papular cutaneous lesions anywhere on the body. It may also affect the oral and ano-genital mucous membranes. Oral lichen planus has little risk of malignant transformation. Exact cause of the disease is still unknown. According to Homoeopathic classification of diseases Lichen Planus comes under psychosomatic category. Homoeopathic philosophy believes that certain emotional factors like mental trauma, grief, mortification, financial loss, disappointment etc. can trigger the immune system of the patient to produce antibodies against the person’s tissue itself.

We have obtained encouraging results, in the treatment of Lichen Planus. Medicines prescribed to the patients are not selected on the basis of disease symptoms only but it varies from patient to patient according to the underlying causative factors.

A Short clinical study on Lichen Planus conducted at Gaurang clinic and centre for homoeopathic research, Lucknow showed following results:

Total number of patients – 24

Best Improved

Improved Status Quo

Not Improved


5 4



20.83% 16.67%


Vitiligo or Leucoderma

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is depigmentation of skin due to impaired function of Melanocytes which produce “Melanin”, the pigment responsible for colour of skin. The exact cause of Vitiligo is still obscure but researches indicates that it could be due to auto immune disorder. It is an absolutely harmless disease except for its cosmetic implication and social stigma.

Homoeopathy believes that various Psychological factors such as Mental shock, Disappointment, Business failures, Death in family, Ambition loss, various dreams, Fears and delusions can affect immune system. Certain Antibodies are produced which targets Melanocytes and hence impair production of Melanin resulting in depigmentation (White Patches). Homoeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of totality of symptoms in which “Person in disease”, not “disease in Person” is considered for selection of remedy. No external ointment etc. is advised during homeopathic treatment. There were number of diet restrictions in the past but now a day, no such restrictions are imposed to patients as there is no scientific basis of such restrictions.

The result of a clinical study conducted at GCCHR from 1995 till date is encouraging which is mention here below:

Total no. of cases of Vitiligo till April 2016 = 817

Status Best Improving Improving SQ Not Improved
Total no. of cases 94 303 305 115
Percentage (%) 11.50 % 37.09 % 37.33 % 14.08 %