Following the legacy of the previous book on gynaecology, Dr. Girish Gupta presents a compilation of research papers in dermatology published in various journals supplemented with model cases. Enriched with refurbished colorful design, the book is full of comparative sequential photographs of treated cases of vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia, lichen planus, wart, molluscum contagiosum and mycoses of nail.

Book release

The book was released by little hands of Master Garvish Gupta, beloved grandson of the author Dr. Girish Gupta, on his first birthday on 28th August 2020. We could think of none better to do the honors of unveiling the book in these tough times of ongoing Corona threat.

Released on 28th Aug 2020 by author’s grandson

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Need for the book

Our clinical research papers are scattered across various journals over period of time and it is difficult for anyone to get them in one place. Hence, we felt the need to compile and republish these collectively in the form of book.

Scarcity of practical demonstration of research methodology and treatment approach despite abundance of theoretical material.

A good reference for freshers who are confused about which symptoms to give importance to, how to select medicine based on those symptoms, remedy differentiation, potency, dose, its repetition and many such queries.

Salient features

Colored photographs of lesions which also act as clinical evidence

Additional photo gallery of pre and post treatment photographs

Clinical researches and model cases, not a theoretical book

Justification/basis of prescription provided

Complete follow-up chronology incorporated- beneficial to understand changes in potency, remedy and repetition of medicine

Detailed case history and life space of patients

Repertory charts presented to aid in learning remedy differentiation for selection of similimum

Repertory charts provided

Rubric selection demonstrated

Utmost effort taken to adhere to Simplex simile minimum

Utmost effort taken to adhere to Simplex simile minimum

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About the book

– Dr. Kavita Kukunoor, CEO and President, Kavita Holistic Approach, USA
– Dr. Regina, Brazil




The book is composed of various diseases mentioned above, presented as 7 individual chapters. Each chapter begins with a research paper on that disease followed by few additional model cases. The book concludes with a photo gallery comprising only pre and post photographs of treated cases.


Our prescription approach is not traditional nosological or therapeutic cliché. The book uniquely portrays the role of mind in homoeopathic treatment of skin diseases. Mind and skin are more intimately related than might appear as both develop from ectoderm of the basic three embryonic layers. Ripples of psychological disturbances reach skin through the psycho-neuro-hormonal axis. Hence mental disturbances are vital in genesis of skin diseases and similarly, mental symptoms are inevitable in their treatment, which are the primary basis of all our prescriptions.

Research papers

The research papers will not only act as iconoclast that ‘Simplex simili minimum’ is a myth but also an eye opener for critics who doubt efficacy of homoeopathy. They will act as basis of further research on various other dermatological disorders. It will also be a presentable example for MD and PhD faculty (to guide scholars in preparation of dissertation) and physicians for conducting autonomous research.

Model cases

It was felt that including only research papers in the book is not enough as they are limited-in both number and detail. Those readers who are interested in learning the treatment approach would find themselves longing for more. Therefore, each research paper has been supplemented with few model cases to give an insight into detailed case history and demonstrate the efficacy of individualized homoeopathic treatment.

You will find the life space of patient and complete list of rubrics elicited during case taking for each case along with the repertory chart. This is followed by the justification of selection of similimum based on the importance of rubrics. But it doesn’t end here. After the First Prescription, the complete chronological follow up and treatment progress has been provided for readers to understand potency selection, repetition of dose, potency modification according to treatment progress. Needless to mention that pre and post treatment photographs have been provided for each case.

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Still need convincing? Read on to know more…

This book along with our other publications in the series is one of its kind as THIS IS NOT AN INERT THEORETICAL BOOK but comprises of successfully treated live clinical cases. Bookstores are flooded with books which contain only hypothetical concepts, philosophical discussions, clinical features and diagnosis, therapeutics, approach of treatment, prescription indications, research methodology, teaching of biostatistics etc. Concisely, it may be said that majority of available publications are on Practice of Medicine, Philosophy or Materia Medica (therapeutics) but lacking practical application altogether. Those which are available often lack actual clinical cases, demonstration of case taking, methodology of selection of medicine and progress of treatment supported by evidence. We have tried to fill this void with clinical cases and methodical research in book form.

It will not only be of immense help to practitioners but also useful reference book to undergraduate and post-graduate students in their pursuit of guidance for thesis/ dissertation and learning research skill. This book is an effective tool in convincing the non-believers of homoeopathy.

Author, Dr. girish gupta


Dr. Girish Gupta, is a senior homoeopathic practitioner who committed his life to upliftment of homoeopathy through scientific research from a very young age. Throughout his professional career of 38 years he has conducted numerous researches, be it experimental or clinical, with unshaken dedication in various fields of specialty and published them in reputed international and national journals.


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